Dining hours change with sessions so keep this page bookmarked for the current information.
KU Dining is comprised of 22 locations that are a combination of Retail and Residential facilities.

Retail Dining Locations:  The Underground, Pulse Coffee, Crimson Cafe, Mortar & Pestle, Impromptu Cafe, The Market, and Hawk Food Stops.
Residential Dining Locations: Mrs. E’s at Lewis Hall, Oliver Dining Hall, Ozone, and North College Cafe, The Studio.
*Impromptu Cafe
Impromptu is open M-F when classes are in session, as well as Stop Day and Finals Week.

Regular Spring Schedule
Jan 25 – May 10, 2014 Mon – Thu Fri Sat Sun
Kansas Union 7am – 11pm 7am – 11pm 7am – 11pm 12pm – 9pm
Hawk Shop C-Store (4) 7a-11p 7a-11p 7a-11p 12p-9p
The Market (3) 8a-4p 8a-4p Closed Closed
Impromptu Cafe (3) 11a-2p 11a-2p Closed Closed
Panda Express (3) 9a-7p 9a-7p Closed Closed
Pulse (4) 7:30a-7p 7.30-6p 9a-3p Closed
Burge Union 7am – 10pm 7am – 10pm 8am-10pm Closed
Crimson Café (2) 7a-2p 7a-2p Closed Closed
Pulse (2) 7:30a-4p 7:30a-4p Closed Closed
Other Campus Services
Anschutz Library: iQ Café 7a-12a 7a-2:30p (3-9p 5/9) Closed (3-9p 5/10) 3-9p
Art & Design Food Stop 7:30a-6p 7:30a-2:30p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed
JRP Food Stop 7:30a-6p 7:30a-2:30p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed
Mortar & Pestle Pulse 8a-2:30p 8a-2:30p Closed Closed
Café and Soda Fountain 11a-2:30p 11a-2:30p Closed Closed
Murphy Hall Food Stop 7:30a-3p 7:30a-12:30p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed
Spahr Library Food Stop 7:30a-7p 7:30a-2:30p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed
Strong Hall Food Stop 7:30a-2p 7:30a-2p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed
Underground (Wescoe Hall) 7:30a-5p 7:30a-5p (7:30a-3:30p 5/9) Closed Closed
Hawk Shop 7:30a-5p 7:30a-5p (7:30a-3:30p 5/9) Closed Closed
Pulse 7:30a-5p 7:30a-5p (7:30a-3:30p 5/9) Closed Closed
Watson Library Food Stop 8a-8p 8a-2:30p (closed 5/9) Closed Closed

(These are regular Residential hours during semesters)
Ekdahl Dining Commons 

Regular Hours:

Mon – Fri  7:00 – 7:30

Sat & Sun 11:00 – 7:30

Oliver Dining:
Regular Hours:

7:00am-7:00pm  Monday-Friday

11:00am-7:00pm  Saturday-Sunday Brunch and Dinner

Ozone :
Regular Hours:

7:00pm-11:00pm  Monday-Sunday

North College Cafe :
Regular Hours

Monday-Friday 7 AM-7 PM

Saturday-Sunday 11 AM-7 PM

Cuisine To Go

Monday-Friday 7 AM-7 PM

Oread Express

Sunday-Thursday 7 PM- 11 PM

Hashinger Hall :

The Studio:

Pulse 7:30am-midnight Mon-Fri

Sat And Sun 7:30pm-midnight

Euro Kitchen

11am-midnight Mon-Fri

Sat and Sun 7:30pm-midnight.

Cuisine To Go Mon-Fri 7:30am-7pm When classes are in session.

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