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Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em—Time to Sp...

Nope, it won’t roll over to next semester.  If you’ve got Cuisine Cash left, which is stored conveniently …

April 11th, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays at the U!

Enter Level 4 of the Kansas Union on Tuesdays from 11am-2pm, and you immediately smell a tantalizing aroma—and …

April 11th, 2014

Take a class in bowling? Who knew?

Ever wander around campus looking for something to do? The Jaybowl, located on the first floor of the …

April 11th, 2014

Welcome Home. Created as the campus community center in 1926, the KU Memorial Unions remain the “living room of campus” where the KU community comes together for entertainment, exchange and understanding.

Meeting Rooms level 6

  • Meeting rooms
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Restrooms / Elevator

Meeting Rooms, Ballroom..., level 5

  • Jayhawk Room/Parlors
  • Big 12 / Jayhawk Rooms
  • Ballroom
  • Woodroof Auditorium
  • Restrooms / Elevator
  • Marketing Office / Student Design Center

Main East Entrance..., level 4

13summerNSO_UnionLevl4_map Level 4 lobby map

  • Main East Entrance; access to Jayhawk Blvd.
  • KU Info Desk
  • Union Info Desk
  • Hawk Shop Convenience Store
  • Pulse Coffee
  • KU IT
  • KU Card Center
  • Union Programs Office / Student Union Activities Office and Gallery
  • Union Administrative / Event Services Office
  • Commerce Bank
  • Electronic Charging Stations
  • ATM’s, Elevator, Restrooms
  • Bus Stop on Jayhawk Blvd.
  • SILC Student Involvement and Leadership Center
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access to Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center

Union Human Resources - Jobs..., level 3

  • The Market
  • Dining Area
  • Impromptu Cafe
  • Elevator, Rest Rooms
  • Union Human Resources Office
  • KJHK
  • Salon Hawk
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Meeting rooms / Alcoves
  • South building exit; stair access to Jayhawk Blvd.

KU Bookstore..., Level 2

  • KU Bookstore
    • Shopping : KU Apparel/Gifts, School Supplies, Textbooks, Technology and General Books.
  • Tech Shop
  • Jayhawk Ink – Print on Demand and Shipping Services
  • Restrooms/Elevator
  • Access to level 4 of the parking garage (connecting walkway) – click here for parking info

Mississippi St. Entrance..., level 1

  • Access to Mississippi St. (Main West Entrance)
  • Jaybowl
  • Restrooms / Elevator
  • Electronic Charging Stations
  • Historical Items (visit for more info)
  • Hawks Nest (meeting area)

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