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Advertising Options for Student and University Groups

Due to recent on-campus restrictions from the University in response to COVID-19, campus advertising options for student and university groups are on hold until May 15, 2020.  This does not include Underwriting Spots for Purchase or Free Public Service Announcements with KJHK. KJHK will continue to provide PSAs to registered student organizations free of charge. A production turnaround time of at least one week should be expected.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

The KU Memorial Union offers several advertising opportunities and formats to help student organizations, campus offices, and university affiliates promote their events and initiatives to the greater university community. Depending on the group and the nature of its request(s), advertising through the KU Memorial Union is typically inexpensive or even free in cases. Options for advertising and promotion include:

Banners in the Kansas Union
Banner space along Jayhawk Walk in the Kansas Union is available to registered campus student organizations and university departments to promote upcoming events and initiatives. All banners must promote university-related events, with priority given to requests concerning events held in the Kansas Union. Banners must be professionally made and approved by the Union prior to installation.

The cost to display banners on Jayhawk Walk is $10/day per banner, with a minimum expenditure of $20.

Banner specifications are as follows: banners should ideally be standard indoor vinyl banners, maximum size 2’ high x 15’ wide, grommets (with ½” holes) should be placed (at minimum) in the upper left and right corners of the banner, printing on both sides of the banner is acceptable, however no paper banners will be allowed unless laminated. Once approved, banner(s) may remain on display in the Kansas Union for up to one week.

To learn more or to reserve banner space, please contact the KU Memorial Union Administrative Office, located in the Kansas Union, room #476, by phone at 785-864-1170, or by email at eventservices@ku.edu.
Digital Signage
KU Information Technology operates a digital message system on campus providing an inexpensive way to present your campus group or department’s information about your events to the university community.

Advertising is limited to registered student organizations, campus departments and university affiliates.

To learn more about using the digital sign system on campus, please visit http://digitalsignage.ku.edu/submission-process.
Free Public Service Announcements on KJHK 90.7 FM for Registered KU Student Organizations and University Offices
All registered KU student organizations and campus offices/programs are eligible for a free Public Service Announcement (PSA) on KJHK 90.7 FM, the student-run radio station at KU. PSA's run for one calendar year on KJHK, and therefore must be general information only about a particular group, office, or initiative. A PSA on KJHK is designed to inform listeners of your organization's general information; your mission, regular meetings, and contact information.

If a group wishes to request radio spots on KJHK to promote specific events or initiatives that are time-sensitive in nature, other radio spots are available from KJHK - these spots are free for all registered student organizations and are available at a university rate for all other campus entities. Please see additional options below in this instance.

To learn more or to request a PSA on KJHK, please visit KJHK's online PSA request form or connect with the station by emailing communications@kjhk.org.
Free Radio Spots on KJHK 90.7 FM for Registered KU Student Organizations
Thanks to the generous support of KU Student Senate, KJHK 90.7 FM offers registered KU student organizations the opportunity to get free spots promoting their next event, benefit, or fundraiser. KJHK allocates a minimum 80 different spots, aired 24 times each, to registered student groups every year.

If a KU student group is interested in having a spot on KJHK, please make a timely request. KU’s Student Senate reviews all requests and approves requests based on timeliness, fairness, and the group’s status. Please be considerate of other student groups when requesting spots; the station cannot provide more than four different spot requests per group per academic year.

To learn more or to request free spots on KJHK for your student organization, please visit KJHK's online student group spot request form or connect with the station by emailing communications@kjhk.org.
Information/Solicitation Tables at the Kansas Union for Registered KU Student Organizations, University Offices and Affiliates
Information and/or solicitation tables along Jayhawk Walk in the Kansas Union or outside on the Kansas Union Plaza may be requested and reserved by registered KU student organizations, university offices and affiliates free of charge. The exception to this free service is in instances where a student organization is bringing in an outside vendor/solicitor onto campus, or if sales are to occur at the table. For cases of this nature, please download the Union's Tabling Procedures document.

Information or solicitation table reservations are made on a first‑come, first‑serve basis. Organization representatives must remain behind the table and display a sign identifying the organization.

To learn more or to reserve a table, please contact the KU Memorial Union Administrative Office, located in the Kansas Union, room #476, by phone at 785-864-4651, or by email at eventservices@ku.edu. For comprehensive list of tabling policies, criteria, and a paper request form, please download the Union's Tabling Procedures document.
Underwriting Spots for Purchase on KJHK 90.7 FM: University Offices, Affiliates, and Outside Advertisers
KJHK 90.7 FM, the nationally-recognized student-run radio station at KU, offers low-cost radio spots for purchase for university offices and affiliates as well as non-campus local and national sponsors. These spot packages can be used to promote short-term endeavors, but longer-term packages are also available.

Spot and package prices on KJHK depend on the organization requesting pricing. University offices, programs, and affiliates receive a campus discount, and the station also offers competitive local and national rates.

To learn more about purchasing radio spots on KJHK, please visit KJHK's online Underwriting Guide online or connect with the station by emailing communications@kjhk.org.
Outside or Corporate Inquiries for Advertising, Activations, or Event Sponsorships
Outside groups, businesses, and corporate entities interested in Union outlets for promotions and communications should contact the Union Marketing, Media, and Programs office. There are opportunities to come to the Kansas Union and to campus as well as sponsorship and appearance opportunities at both Union events and major student organization events.

To learn more about KU Memorial Union's opportunities for your organization, business, or brand, please contact the Assistant Director for Marketing, Media, and Programs by phone at 785-864-2422.

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