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Board of Class Officers (BOCO) Application

KU's Board of Class Officers' (BOCO's) mission is to represent each of the classes at the University of Kansas, to be responsible for the EXCEL interviews honoring two students at KU, to present the HOPE award for a progressive educator at KU, and to present the CLASS and Campanile Award for outstanding leadership.

BOCO is also responsible for creating the class motto and banner and determining  the senior class gift to be presented to the university each year.

List of BOCO Positions and Responsibilities
  1. President
    1. Represent the senior class at Commencement
    2. Shall preside over executive and general BOCO meetings
    3. Insure success of the Board
    4. Represent the Board for any external affairs
    5. Set calendar for the year
    6. Establish meeting times and locations
    7. Oversee assignment of awards committees and organization
  2. Vice President
    1.  Manage budget (includes senior class gift, all fundraising funds, t-shirt sales, etc.)
    2.   Work with Endowment and the KU Memorial Unions on all necessary monetary concerns.
    3. Manage application, elections, and transition for officers for the following school year
    4. Shall serve all duties of president in his/her absence
    5. Shall work with the president to create calendar for the year
  3. Awards Chairs
    1. Two Officers will be in charge of Awards.
    2. One officer will assist in the selection of the Ex.C.E.L and C.L.A.S.S Awards.
      1. Assist in selection of the Ex.C.E.L. Award
      2. Chair a committee to award the C.L.A.S.S. Award: Citation for Leadership and Achievement in Student Services.
      3. One officer will assist in the selection of the H.O.P.E and Campanile Awards.
        1. Chair a committee to award the H.O.P.E. Award: Honor for Outstanding Progressive Educator
        2. Chair a committee to award the Campanile Award
        3. Work with the Vice Provost for Student Affairs to award the Campanile Award at the University Awards Breakfast
  4. Marketing Director
    1. Provide communication and promotional support for the organization as a whole, as well as individual events/activities.
    2. Some responsibilities for the communications committee include: generating news releases, maintaining social media accounts, coordinating promotions and publicity events including tabling, creating promotional materials (buttons, fliers, etc.)
  5. Legacy Director
    1. Record minutes of each meeting
    2. Collect minutes and submit them to University Archives
    3. Send a monthly newsletter to all members
    4. Maintain membership records
    5. Responsible for selection of class banner, motto, and gift

Applicants for BOCO should be currently enrolled KU students in good standing at the University of Kansas.

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