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Welcome back for spring semester! 

See below for some helpful tips on budgeting your dining plan for the Spring:

There are 17 weeks in the semester (including spring break), so divide your balance by 17 when you arrive back on campus. That is the amount you’ll need to spend per week to utilize the plan. Example: Pat Smith had $500 of their Gold plan left at the end of the fall semester. Pat changed their dining plan to the Bronze plan, so they have a balance of $2342 ($1842 + $500). For the spring semester, Pat will need to spend at least $137 a week ($2342/17).

Spending Pro Tips:

  • Purchase your snacks, bottled beverages on campus at the Studio, Bus Stop, Southside or convenient stores in the Kansas Union (4th floor) or Wescoe hall (adjacent to the Underground).
  • Look at your spring schedule and figure out where the closest food is: https://union.ku.edu/ku-dining-locations-and-hours This link also has the hours and menus of the locations. See what foods you’ve been missing. Did you know there is a Serrano’s at the Underground and the Market serving rice bowls, burritos and nachos?

Need help? Managing dietary issues can be tricky with all of these choices. Reach out to the location staff:https://union.ku.edu/dining-staff  or meet with our dietician, Jade Gibson.

Check Your Balance

Visit KU Card Web Card Center to:

  • Check your KU Card balances and transaction history
  • Set account notifications via text or email
  • Report your card lost or stolen

Your balance will also be noted on your receipt and the display pole at the cashier’s station when making a purchase.

Having trouble keeping up with your budget? Use our weekly balance checking tool below to make sure you stay on track!

KU Dining is always here to help when it comes to managing your Dining Dollars. If you need additional assistance in analyzing your finances, we recommend visiting: 

Student Money Management Services at KU

"Student Money Management Services is committed to improving KU students' financial situations by empowering them to analyze their finances, make sound decisions, and commit to controlling their financial lives while at the University of Kansas and into the future.

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