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Event Services FAQ's

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the event booking process. If you have any additional questions you can contact the KU Memorial Union's Event Services office by email (eventservices@ku.edu), phone (785-864-4651) or person at the Event Services office in Room 476 of the Kansas Union from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

How Does My Group Reserve Meeting/Event Space in the Kansas Union?
We offer on-line reservation requests on our Reservations page here.   Space reservations can also be made in person (Union administrative office, room 476), by phone (785-864-4651), or by email (eventservices@ku.edu).
Is There a Fee to Use Meeting Space?
Registered student groups use the Union facilities at no charge. All student groups are required to register annually with the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. To register a new group or re-register, visit Rock Chalk Central. Complete information on available rooms and rates is available here.
What Type of Media Support is Available?
Many of the meeting rooms have built-in audio/visual equipment. In cases where a room does not already have the technology or equipment necessary for your event, portable equipment is supplied. There is no charge for registered student organizations to use most equipment. You may reserve audio/visual equipment through the same means you made your room reservation. For a complete listing of available equipment, visit our Audio Visual Services page.
How do We Order Food or Refreshments? Can We Bring in Snacks?
The university’s Food Policy requires that any food/snacks sold or given away on campus be prepared by KU Dining Services (the University’s licensed, health-inspected facilities).  Exceptions to the University Food Policy require the approval of the Provost. For more information, go to our Policies Page. Food exceptions are typically granted when the type of food appropriate to the event (often when a particular culture is being celebrated) is not offered by KU Dining Services. A copy of both the Policy Guidelines and the request form are available on-line on our Policies page here.
Can We Book Meetings for the Entire Year?
Recurring meetings are scheduled one semester at a time. For monthly or quarterly meetings, reservations will be accepted for the entire academic year. The Union reserves the right to make room changes Registered student organizations may submit meeting requests for the next semester on the Monday after fall or spring break. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, space permitting.
What Happens if We Need to Cancel or Don’t Show Up?
Notify us! You may cancel reservations without charge or penalty up to the end of the business day prior to your event. Contact the Event Services Office between 8 am and 5 pm, weekdays, to cancel. Weekend cancellations must be communicated by 5 p.m. on the preceding Friday. Event cancellations that include catering require at least 72 hours notice to avoid charges. If your group does not cancel a reservation and is a “no-show,” you could ultimately lose booking privileges for the rest of the semester. For more on our policy, go to our policy page here .
Does our Event Need Approval from the University Events Committee (UEC)?
University Events Committee approval is needed for events with admissions charges; outdoor events; sales tables; when an event is held in the combined Forum spaces of the Burge Union; when an event is held in Alderson or Woodruff Auditoriums or in the Ballroom of the Kansas Union; and for all Late Night events. Go to the University Events Committee page to download a UEC request form.
  • Bring the completed UEC form to the Event Services office, Room 476, Kansas Union, if you’re using space in the Kansas Union, Burge Union, or DeBruce Center.
  • After you have the necessary signatures, turn the UEC form in to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center, 4th Floor, Kansas Union.
  • The UEC meets each Wednesday during the academic year. Submissions are due by noon on the preceding Tuesday to be placed on that week’s agenda.
Where Can I Get Funding for an Event?
There are fees for laptop computers, theatrical lighting and/or for Union A-V technician. Contact the Student Senate office or check their web site for information about student group funding and what type of expenses might be covered. If Senate funding is involved, the Union will need to receive a Student Senate Purchase Order. The purchase order must be signed by the Senate treasurer or assistant treasurer. Your reservation will not be confirmed until the completed purchase order is submitted to the Union administrative office. Did you know that KU and Pepsi work together to offer program and product support? Check out the KU & Pepsi Program and Product Support page for details.

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