Kansas Union, Burge Union, DeBruce Center

Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break Operations Update

The KU Memorial Union will have adjusted hours at the Kansas Union, the Burge Union, and the DeBruce Center during Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Click here to learn more about our operational hours updates.

KU Catering

KU Catering's professional catering staff can help make your event. With years of experience, great choices and great facilities, KU Catering can provide you with an unmatched catering experience.

You can learn more on the KU Catering page.

Event Services Catering Policy

The University of Kansas Food Policy requires that any food/snacks sold or given away on campus be prepared by KU Dining Services (the University’s licensed, health-inspected facilities). Exceptions to the University Food Policy require the approval of the Provost. No food or beverage acquired outside of the KU Memorial Unions may be served at events held in the KU Memorial Union facilities unless the sponsoring group has been approved for an exception to the University Food Policy. Food exceptions are typically granted when the type of food appropriate to the event (often when a particular culture is being celebrated) is not offered by KU Dining Services.

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