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Student Dining Advisory Council Application

Please list any previous committee or leadership experience you have had.
Please list any relevant previous food service experience you have had.
Tell us about your favorite thing to eat or cook and why.
S-DAC students will need to work two shifts (avg. 3 hours) over 2 weeks in the units during the first of the month.
S-DAC students must be available every other Wednesday for committee meetings from 3:00-4:00pm in the Kansas Union.
S-DAC students will need to meet with the unit manager every other week to discuss reports.
S-DAC students will need to spend an average of 2 hours a week soliciting feedback from constituents, visit all retail locations at least once, and deliver a summary presentation at the end of the semester.
We’d be happy to have you work with us in the future, but students who are current employees of the KU Memorial Union are not eligible for this committee.
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