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Find Your Textbooks

Textbooks for all University of Kansas coursework, including books for use in Continuing Education courses, are available online at the KU Bookstore's website. The Price Comparison Shopping Tool complies information on new, used and textbook rental options from the KU Bookstore and other online retailers. All revenue from textbook sales from the KU Bookstore help support the KU Memorial Union.

The Price Comparison Shopping Tool aims to make buying textbooks easier by laying out textbook options. Before proceeding with price comparison, please keep in mind that if a class does not appear on a comparison shopping page it is because the course materials order for that class has not been received. Once received, that class will appear once the department or instructor submits the order.

Additional considerations:

  • Online orders to the KU Bookstore will be ready for pickup 24-48 hours after purchase during the two weeks leading up to the start of classes.
  • It is recommended to wait to purchase textbooks/course materials no more than three weeks before the beginning of class for accuracy.
  • Please wait to receive an email informing the status of your order before coming to the store.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice and can fluctuate frequently.
  • The KU Bookstore will not provide refunds or otherwise be held responsible for the purchases made from other booksellers.

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