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KU Memorial Centennial Event Schedule

All #KUunion Centennial events will take place outside of the KU Memorial Union, on Ascher Plaza (weather permitting). Each day will have free food, KU Bookstore giveaways, Union history, and more! 

  • Monday, May 3 - 11AM - 1PM
  • Tuesday, May 4 - 12PM - 3PM
  • Wednesday, May 5 - 4PM - 6PM
  • Thursday, May 6 - 3:30PM
    • The Union Centennial celebration culminates on Thursday, May 6, during SUA’s Tea @ 3 marking the Union’s 100 years. The celebration will start at 3:30 on Ascher Plaza along with birthday cupcakes, 100 free KU Bookstore giveaways, KU Union Birthday Cake Frappuccino® Blended Beverage from KU Diningconfetti cannons, and a commemorative group photo with everyone in attendance. Please join the Union in celebrating 100 years!
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Celebrating the History of the KU Memorial Union

The Union was officially founded as KU’s community center on May 4th, 1921, to honor the one hundred and twenty-nine students and alumni lost in World War I. The idea of a student union arose in the 1910s as students increasingly called for its creation. This movement was realized in the Memorial Corporation, which was established to fund and build a union (in addition to a stadium and the Jimmy Green statue). Beyond funding the construction in 1926, students built out the interior over the following decade as sufficient funds were not raised initially. Students guided the Union from the very beginning and continue to direct its operations, services and programs. Today, the Union is the most used facility on campus and thrives through student support for its operation and governance. Please join the Union in celebrating 100 years.

Special Thank You

Special thank you to Pepsi and Student Union Activities for their commitment to student engagement and their sponsorship of the centennial celebration!


If you are in need of an accommodation due to a disability, please submit your request at least 7 business days in advance of the event to Student Union Activities. Email: studentunionactivities@gmail.com. Phone (785) 864-7469.

A timeline of KU Memorial Union

This online exhibit provides a pictorial timeline of the KU Memorial Union, as it celebrates its centennial.

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Support the Union

2021 marks a century with the KU Union as the home to student engagement, involvement, and leadership and the source of delight, community, and connection.

The KU Memorial Union, a not-for-profit affiliate of the University of Kansas, operates the KU Bookstores, KU Dining, KU Event Services, and KU Union Programs. Proceeds resulting from Union services are reinvested into KU student initiatives. As an alum or friend of the Union, one of the most critical ways you can foster tomorrow’s future leaders is by supporting our students today. Learn more about how you can Support the Union below.

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KU Union Celebrates 100 Years

KU Memorial Union Centennial Events

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