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We convey an accurate and engaging history of the University of Kansas and share rich narrative with the public. We seek to build support within the greater KU community by depicting KU experiences. KU History shares these narratives through history panels, exhibits, online resources, and historical tours.

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Phog Allen and James Naismith with the 1922 Basketball team.

History of Basketball at KU

With the most conference titles in the nation, the University of Kansas is considered one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the country. The history of Basketball at KU goes all the way back to the arrival of Dr. Naismith to KU just six years after writing the original rules for the game.
Memorial Drive map with memorials pictured

Campus War Memorials

Memorial Drive is home to some of the most iconic and meaningful memorials of the region. From the Campanile to Memorial Stadium, exploring Memorial Drive is a great opportunity to understand the history of the university and our nation.
1912 Jayhawk Mascot

Origin of the Jayhawk

Any member of the University of Kansas community, present or past, automatically becomes a Jayhawk. What does this popular mythical figure really mean? The colorful bird, which does not exist in nature, has a friendly appearance today.
Funding fathers of KU History - David Mucci and Henry Fortunato posing in front of an old computer with a news article pulled up "This Week in KU History"
Funding fathers of KU History - David Mucci and Henry Fortunato

About Us

In 1999, David Mucci initiated the project at the Memorial Union, aiming to instill tradition. With support from Spencer Research Library and the History Department, the project, completed in 2006, thrived under Henry Fortunato and later Mike Reid, navigating the social media age until 2017. Today, KU Memorial Union staff continue its development.

Engagement Opportunities

Artifact Donation

KU History collects items to display in exhibits that help people experience the university's history. We can also help you find the best place to donate your item, if the item doesn't quite fit with our mission or ability to properly preserve or display it. Contact us for questions or if you would like to donate!

Share Your Story

Community members often possess personal stories that enrich the university's history. KU History captures these narratives through oral histories or written testimonials, preserving them in our archives for future research, writing, and exhibits. Share your story with us to contribute to the history of KU!

Research Requests

KU History provides diverse stories and information, but it's not a comprehensive history of the University of Kansas. If you can't find answers on our site, check our Other History Resources page for additional KU and external websites. Reach out for further assistance!

Tours & Talks

KU History can provide different historical walking tours of the university, as well as tours of our historical collections and exhibits in the Kansas Union and DeBruce Center. Also, we can provide presentations or lectures for your group or organization. Fill out the form to schedule a tour or talk today!