Support Students, Double Your Impact today through the KU Bookstore

Lawrence, KAN - January 17, 2024: Unveiled on September 23, 2023, during the 1923 Jayhawk 100th birthday celebration amid family weekend festivities, the KU Bookstore, an integral part of the KU Memorial Union, proudly introduced the KU Bookstore Student Course Materials Fund. This initiative seeks to provide substantial financial support for students. Contributions will have a double impact, thanks to the generous pledge of an anonymous donor to match funds, up to $50,000.

"This campaign presents a unique opportunity for the Jayhawk community to contribute to students' success and be an integral part of their journey." - Dr. Tammara Durham, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

While the donor wishes to remain anonymous, their association with Professor Carrol Edwards adds a meaningful connection to the initiative. This connection highlights the rich history and meaningful relationships that make the KU community so unique.

Please visit our website ( to learn more about the fund and how you can participate.

The KU Bookstore Student Course Materials Fund aims to alleviate financial barriers for students by providing essential resources such as textbooks and supplies. The vision is to create a brighter future for students, with the fund accessible in fall 2024.

As a reminder, there are two primary ways to contribute:

1. Round-Up for Impact: Round up your KU Bookstore purchase to the nearest dollar amount. Every contribution at the register adds up and directly contributes to the KU Bookstore Student Course Materials Fund.

2. Direct Donations: Make a tax-deductible contribution by visiting

Thank you to the KU students, faculty, staff, and Jayhawks everywhere who have contributed to the fund and for your commitment to helping Jayhawks in need.

About the KU Memorial Union: The KU Memorial Union, a not-for-profit affiliate of the University of Kansas, operates the KU Bookstore, KU Dining, KU Catering and Event Services, and KU Marketing and Programs. Proceeds resulting from Union services are reinvested into KU student initiatives. For more information about the KU Memorial Union or any of its services, please contact Bailee Myers at