Alumni Support

Alumni have always been a bedrock of Union strength and we continue to rely on their support.
The Union Friends Organization continues to extend our connections across generations, fundraise for our programs and provide leadership opportunities for our students.

Sue Buckley

Sue Buckley was the recipient of the inaugural Alumni Service Award for her dedicated service to students as Program Office Manager between 1988 and 2000. The Sue Buckley SUA Enrichment Fund was established in her honor.


Nathan Mack

Nathan Mack was succeeded by Gabe Bliss as President and Marie Dispenza assumed the role of Vice President. At-Large members include Brenda Selman, Andrew Mechler and Rita Alexander.

Gabe and Nathan

Brenda Selman

Brenda, an accomplished landscape artist, mounted a show in the Union Gallery, a space she managed as Cultural Arts Chair as a student.


Rita Ravens

The Rita Ravens Alexander leadership retreat transitioned to an on campus event in 2021. Partnering with Campus Cupboard, a food pantry for KU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. We handed out small coolers and information on food insecurity on campus.


James Ascher Sr.

In memory of James Ascher, Sr., friend, donor and Jayhawk patron. The Ascher's have left a lasting legacy, recently funding conservation materials and student curators for the preservation of objects and materials of the KU History Project, now known as the “Ascher Family KU Jayhawk and Artifact Collection”.

Thank you for enriching our current programming dollars and helping our students thrive.