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“I get to work with some of the kindest, most creative, and absolutely hilarious students every day. KJHK is run by some of the best the KU student body has to offer and I’m lucky to be a small part of it.”

Bobbi Washechek
KJHK General Manager

2022 Statistics

Hours Streamed Monthly

“It [KJHK] has been the most rewarding part of being at KU and has given me the opportunity to meet lifelong friends.”

- Music Director Gracie Hughes

KJHK volunteer staffs have worked tirelessly over the past year. Music staff goes through over 300 albums each month to find the freshest finds for KJHK listeners. Street Team has worked to identify local non-profits that need additional support to create a bigger connection within the Lawrence community. Sports staff has seen an increase in volunteers from 12 in the spring to 44 in the fall. Content Staff has made an increase from 8 articles in the Spring to 20 articles this fall with a large increase in social media presence leading to more engagement with KU students and the Lawrence community. The students of KJHK are passionate about their work and it truly shows. Don’t forget to keep your dials locked to KJHK 90.7 FM Lawrence.

“I love KJHK, because it has enabled me to connect with so many amazing people and have unforgettable experiences. KJHK is the best thing I’ve been a part of at KU, and I’ll always keep it locked!”

Station Manager, Mazzy Martinez


Sports Coverage

Sports Coverage

KU had an extremely successful basketball season in the Spring leading to their victory in the NCAA tournament. This victory in the Spring led to sports staff going from roughly 12 consistent members to over 44 in the Fall of 2022.
Dog Complex

Music Scene Coverage

KJHK had staff attendFormat Festival and Levitation Music Festival this season. Students were able to interview popular indie artists, take photos in media sections, and go backstage for interviews. Staff have a partnership with the promoter Mammoth Live in Lawrence to acquire media passes for local shows at the Bottleneck, Granada, and Liberty Hall.

Professional Development

General Manager Bobbi Washechek and Station Manager Mazzy Martinez presented on How To: Plan a Membership Drive in Baltimore for the College Broadcast Conference. They were invited to give the same presentation at the Intercollegiate Broadcast conference in New York City in February 2023.

Follower Growth

KJHK Content Staff meets weekly to create funny and engaging content for the KJHK social media accounts, YouTube channel, and their website. One video the KJHK Content Director created over the summer gained KJHK over 1000 followers over night and was viewed 10,655 times.

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