Danny O'Connell

"We hope for this spring semester that there will be more opportunities for our teams to compete at in-person events and look to continue our success we had in the fall."

Danny O'Connell
Program Coordinator


Varsity Esports Members
Season Record
Top 16
League of Legends

"All three of our teams reached the playoffs of their NACE Starleague conferences. Other team specific achievements, our League of Legends team finished top 16 in fall cLoL (the small preseason tournament for the largest League of Legends collegiate league). Rocket League had a 8-1 NACE record while reaching top 8 in the CCA Open tournament. Overwatch took first place in the local KCGameOn LAN tournament."- Danny O'Connell, Program Coordinator

Esports Opening
Esports Opening

Kansas Esports varsity team moved to a new sixteen station arena supported by the generosity of our Pepsi, AT&T, HyperX and Dell sponsors

The program consists of 24 varsity players competing in League of Legends, Rocket League and Overwatch led by our program coordinator, Danny O’Connell.

New Courses


New Partnerships

Michelle Compton-Muñoz returns to the fold to lead the course instruction. LDST 320 draws a large enrollment of students seeking personal and professional proficiencies. The partnership with Augeo provides real experience planning for nationally recognized brand.
Thank you for enriching our current programming dollars and helping our students thrive.