Student Union Activities


"SUA is dedicated to providing engaging, educational, and low cost events to the students of KU. We cater to the unique groups found on campus and strive to deliver events that will attract a wide array of students. SUA is more than just a campus programming board; it is an essential resource for enhancing the KU community."

Mikayla Leader
2022 SUA Executive Director

2021 Statistics

UnionFest Fall 22 Attendance
SUA Events Held
Attendees at Events

"Student Union Activities had exceeding engagement like no other this past year, with over 37,000 attendees and 20 new committee members. Students were engaging with us everywhere on campus and were active in events such as the Kansas Drag Showcase, Grocery Bingos, Engage and Play, and so much more. We are pleased to be back with our events and can’t wait to program even more for the KU community this coming year!" - Mikayla Leader

Fill A Bear

"I really enjoy all of the work you guys do! It's such a fun, accessible way to destress and hang with my friends and get a cool souvenir out of the experience!"

- FA22 survey response

Bailee Myers and Bobbi Washecheck continued to advise student leaders in their positions to create these successful events for KU. Campus connnection, leadership experience and program production were superbly fulfilled by SUA programs that continuously met the needs of students by producing 152 events for over 37,000 participants in the community.


Drag Show

Kansas Drag Showcase II

SUA partnered with the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity in Spring 2022 for a show-stopping experience of the year. Over 500 students gathered in the Union for a drag show featuring hosts Ms. Amanda Love and Didi Cumswell.

Student Tailgates

SUA and KU Athletics partnered to present Gameday on the Hill: Student Tailgates in Fall 2022 for a student centered experience at the Booth. Over 300 students stopped by to grab catering, learn traditions and play yard games before kickoff at each event.

Thursday Nights on Daisy Hill

SUA created an event every week for residents on Daisy Hill that included crafts, stress relief activities, bingo, live music, etc. engaging students to take a break from academia.

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