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Come visit our brand new gallery exhibit, Game Changers, just a few steps from Dr. Naismith's Original Rules. You can visit The DeBruce Gallery at the DeBruce Center anytime the building is open

Exhibit: Game Changers

Our new exhibit, "Game Changers" is now open as of January 22, 2020, and it explores the story of basketball's game changers and their impact on the game throughout time. 

Previous Exhibit: Original Rules Experience

Equipment Evolution

Equipment Evolution

The game has certainly changed since Dr. Naismith had those 13 rules typed in December of 1891. He would be proud to see that the spirit of his game remains the same, but how did we get from a peach basket to the basket we use today?  How did we get from an old soccer ball (Dr. Naismith called it an Association Football) to the highly evolved leather basketball of today? In this exhibit we look at the evolution of the basket, the ball, the court, and even the shoes.