First Big 7 Holiday Tourney Championship

Number 16 KU basketball player surrounded by opponents

Saturday, December 29, 1951

With three minutes left in the championship game of the Big 7 Holiday Tournament, big man Clyde Lovellete shakes of Missouri defender Win Wilfong and scores, then gets carried away and drives his foot into Wilfong's stomach. With fans booing, Lovellette is kicked out of the game. KU ends up winning their first Big 7 Holiday Tournament 75-65.

Apparently understanding that Lovellette got carried away in the heat of the moment, MU Coach Mac Stalcup quiets the crowd's booing by stating into the Municipal Auditorium's microphone- "The University of Missouri enjoys this rivalry with the University of Kansas. Doc Allen is a great coach." Both teams then shook hands and Lovellette and Wilfong hugged.

KU would go on to win the 1952 NCAA National Championship, and one half of the team, and Coach Allen, also participated in the Summer Olympics in Helsinki, winning the Gold Medal.

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