A building manager will be onsite for your event.     Call or text 785-423-7128 as needed.

In order to not incur charges for cleaning fees, clients must follow these guidelines.


We welcome the use of decorations and flowers, however, please refrain from using any tape, glue, or nails. Only the use of battery operated or flameless candles are permitted. You are responsible for the removal of all decorations, flowers, packaging and delivery boxes used during your ceremony.

Reservation Times

Out of respect for the chapel, as well as other patrons, you are responsible for disposal of garbage and items brought into the chapel (i.e furniture, etc.). Please leave the chapel in the same condition upon your departure as your arrival, which includes the return of any furniture rearranged for your ceremony. We ask that you do not arrive early or depart late. The Danforth building manager will allow you access to the building only during your reserved time.


We do not allow animals of any kind to be inside the chapel unless it is a service animal.


There is a small pipe organ in Danforth Chapel. It is a beautiful instrument, but has some limitations. Due to its age, we do not guarantee its usability. Please refer to the School of Music website to inquire about organists and fees.

Electrical Outlets

Located throughout the chapel, there are various outlets. These outlets can be used to connect an electronic instrument or sound system.


A lectern is available in the foyer of the Chapel. It may be used to hold the guest book, or placed in the front of the Chapel for the officiates.

Bride's Room / Restrooms

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Danforth Chapel has a bride's room and accessible restrooms for guests. The bridal room provides guests with a full-length mirror and vanity, with plenty of space to get ready for your ceremony. The bride's room remains locked unless it is during the reserved ceremony time.


All decorations, such as flowers and/or battery operated candles, must be provided by the individual. Deliveries of flowers must be made to the Chapel only during your reserved time. There are no vases available at the Chapel. There are two alcoves on either side of the stage that can be used as a shelf for any arrangements you may have. If your decor requires a table or additional space, it is your responsibility to provide and remove additional furniture.

The use of nails, pins or tape is prohibited.

Sound System

There is no amplified sound system in the Chapel. You may bring a stereo of your own for background music.

Rice / Birdseed

Throwing any materials, including, but not limited to; rice, birdseed, flower petals, confetti, etc. inside the chapel is strictly prohibited. If you choose to throw materials outside of the chapel, it is your responsibility to dispose of those materials (by sweeping or picking up). You may be subject to a pro-rated cleaning fee for any materials left behind.


The parking lot behind Danforth Chapel is available for use during ceremonies or rehearsals. However, if your ceremony falls on the day of a home game, or during the hours when campus is restricted (7:45 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday), the parking lot will most likely not be available. Additionally, parking anywhere on campus during a home game is very limited. For information about visitor parking, click here or call KU Parking at  785-864-7275

The KU Memorial Union is not responsible for any parking restrictions that may occur on the day of your ceremony.

Air Conditioning

Danforth Chapel is equipped with efficient heating and air conditioning. In order to ensure sufficient cooling for your ceremony, refrain from propping open any doors. If the air conditioning is not on, or if there is a malfunction of the system, contact Facilities Services at 785-864-4770. Please do not touch the thermostats. The Danforth Chapel building manager will modify room temperature before arrival and departure.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is allowed in Danforth except sacramental items, which must be provided by the participants.