October 16th,2021 – LAWRENCE, KAN: The Memorial Union Gallery to host Service Award Ceremony at Homecoming.

The Union Friends Organization has selected Sue Buckley as the first recipient of its Union Service Award at Homecoming.  This event will take place on Saturday, October 16th at 11:00am.

Sue Buckley served twelve years as Student Union Activities Program Manager from 1987 to 1999. During that period, programs rapidly expanded and the student participation swelled. Nirvana and Pearl Jam made legendary early appearances on campus under Sue’s stewardship.

Sue received the 1991 CLASS Award for her leadership in student services at KU. Her dedication was most dramatically demonstrated in her care for students with the tragic loss of a student in May 1993, Sue proving instrumental in the establishment of the Alexis F. Dillard Student Involvement Award.

Sue departed from the Union in fall 1999 for a career in the newly evolving tech world. Upon departure, she stated that “One of the biggest satisfactions of this job is being able to watch students become more confident…the growth is very dramatic, particularly at KU. We really create some close relationships and that by far the hardest part of the job is watching students graduate each year.” Her former students echo that in their appreciation of the learning and mentoring received under Sue.

Sue Buckley is a native of the Kansas City suburbs, Sue spent twenty years in higher education as a Student Activities Director in Kansas and Colorado. She moved to a tech career in telephony and IT services, ultimately serving in the capacity of Vice President. Recently she started her own business and is CEO/Owner of City Publications Kansas City a direct mail solutions firm.

UNION FRIENDS ORGANIZATION: The Union Friends Organization is composed of former KU alums dedicated to advocacy and fundraising for the Memorial Union, Student Union Activities, KJHK Student Radio and The Big Event. Its focus has been primarily scholarships, leadership training and program funding for students. Officers currently serving are Nathan Mack, President; Gabe Bliss, Vice President; Andrew Mechler, Secretary; and Marie Dispenza, Treasurer.