Exhibits & Tours

From war memorials to the original rules of basketball, KU's rich history is portrayed through historical sites and exhibits all over campus. We invite you to experience our history by visiting them online or in person.

Live Tours & Talks

Timeline Exhibit

Learn more about the Kansas Union and it's history from 1900-2020 with our digital timeline exhibit.
Union Ballroom

History of the Jayhawk

Find out a little bit about how our Kansas University Jayhawk mascot has evolved over the years into what it is today.
All Jayhawks from 1912 to current

Campus War Memorials

Memorial Drive is home to some of the most iconic and meaningful memorials of the region. Exploring Memorial Drive is a great opportunity to learn and understand the history of the university and our nation.
Memorial Drive map with memorials

Kansas Union Exhibits

The Kansas Union is home to over 1,000 Jayhawk collectibles and dozens of historical displays and exhibits on all six levels of the building.
Jayhawk Collection Inauguration

DeBruce Center Exhibits

The DeBruce Center is home to THE original rules of basketball, written by basketball's inventor, James Naimsith; as well as many other historical basketball exhibits.
DeBruce Center

More Exhibits

The following are other museums, exhibits and tours available to the public at the University of Kansas.
kenneth research library